What Is A Media Player?

What Is A Media Player?

Digital signage media players are small hardware devices that are designed to display content on your screens. In commercial environments, it's a reliable device that's an important component of digital signage.
A media player is an external device mounted behind digital signage and acts as a small footprint PC. In most cases, media players connect to a Content Management System (CMS) via the internet, which allows users to create, edit, update, and schedule content. Having both in place ensures that your digital signage works seamlessly together. 

What is the need for a media player for digital signage?

In the event that you manage a network of screens, you'll need a media player to display content on multiple screens. Media players can push a variety of different content to your screens, such as images, gifs, and even videos. They are capable of handling complex content such as videos, live feeds, and IP streaming. In addition, some models can automatically check the health of your screens 24 hours a day.

Some digital screens cannot display content without a media player.

How do media players work? 

A content management system (CMS) makes it possible for media players to display a variety of different content file types - from JPGs to GIFS and PNGs to more complex file types like MOVs and MP4s.Users can manage their content and monitor the screens' health online using the CMS. After receiving the content from the CMS, the media player processes it and displays it.

What makes a good media player? 

Media players come with a variety of features. Depending on the model, some digital displays can render multiple content formats at any resolution. Consider the type of content you will display on your screens when choosing a media player. There are some media players that have limitations when it comes to content format and resolution. 

It is important to consider the security features of a media player when choosing one. With reliable built-in security, you won't have to worry about your media player being hacked. 

The ability to support multiple screens is also an important feature to consider. It refers to the ability of a player to display the same piece of content or synchronised content on more than one screen simultaneously. If you are seeking dual video decoding solutions, take a look at the XT and XD ranges.

Effective media players are also capable of connecting to the internet so they can access the CMS. This can be done via a wired Ethernet connection, a WiFi connection, or both.

Digital signage players by BrightSign provide a wide range of features that can meet the requirements of every business. A number of innovative features are offered by BrightSign, including interactivity, synchronisation, IP streaming, GPIO triggering, BrightBeacon technology, and geo-fencing.

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